Saturday, 11 September 2010

Self Portrait: The Last Circus

Last blog I said I would keep readers updated on how my play, The Last Circus, was coming along. Well, we've been accepted into the HCAN festival in Huddersfield and will be presenting a rehearsed read-through of the script. Details as follows:


Venue: Bates Mill, Huddersfield
Date: 02 October 2010
Time: 8:20-8:50pm

The festival is aimed at creating a platform for new artists to showcase their work in front of industry professionals as well as the general public. There is no money involved so everybody is doing it for love. There is also no admission price so if you're in the Huddersfield area on the 1st of October please try to get along and support up and coming writers and performers. We'll be grateful!

As well as showcasing new work in performance, the festival organisers are also putting out excerpts from scripts in order to encourage feedback from audiences and the public at large. As a taster of the work I have included the extract from The Last Circus which can be seen below:

CLOWN: It’s the end of the world.

MIME: La fin du monde. (Her chair collapses).

TRANSLATION: The end of the earth.

FOOL: The last hurrah.

CLOWN: The long goodbye.

FOOL: All that’s left.

CLOWN: The last of our kind. The end is no place to start. It doesn’t really leave you anywhere to go.

FOOL: Backwards. You could perhaps go backwards?

CLOWN: How far back?

FOOL: Maybe the beginning of the end wouldn’t be so bad.

CLOWN: You mean when it first happened? The flood?

FOOL: The earthquake-

CLOWN: The meteorite-

MIME: La révolution!

TRANSLATION: The Revolution!

FOOL: The nuclear war

CLOWN: The zombie apocalypse!

FOOL: The killer bees!

CLOWN: The alien invasion!

MIME: La Guerre Saint!


FOOL: We were spared. We were saved. After it happened we were the only ones left to
tell the story. We were also the only ones left to listen to the story. We just can’t remember what happened.

That's how it starts. Other things happen afterwards, each thing more brilliant and dazzling than the last. Dazzlingly brilliant. Brilliantly dazzling. And I'll be dressed as a clown. That's got to be worth seeing. Hasn't it? [Here ends the shameless self-promotion. Tune in next time for shameless self-involvment etc].

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